What is SellCelebPhotos.com

SellCelebPhotos.com is the best way to sell your celebrity photos directly to the most popular magazines, tv shows, and celebrity websites. Sign up free to upload your celebrity pictures to our website, and we'll take it from there, pricing, watermarking, and assigning a sales strategy to approach up to 500+ potential companies personally, or through our secure electronic distribution network. We'll then handle the negotiations, contract, and once we're paid, you're paid - instantly, through PayPal, or a check.

How Much Does it Cost to Sign Up

Its absolutely free, and you get instant access to begin uploading your photos to begin the sales process

How Do I Start?

Snap a picture of a celebrity, sign up for a free SellCelebPhoto.com account, fill out a little bit of information on the photo and upload it - its as easy as that.

What's Your Selling Fee?

We take a 30% commission on all photos sold. Its free to sign up and upload, and there are no extra charges or fees whatsoever. Why 70/30? This percentage lets us truly be incentivized to put our professional negotiators, and best-in-class practices to work for you. No service of our kind offers a more favorable percentage. While you certainly have the alternative to try to shop your photo around yourself, and keep 100% of the proceeds, you would lack the of what your photo is really worth, an experienced negotiator to to keep things maximized, on hand contracts to fit a variety of situations and the knowledge to know which fits each scenario best. Plus on top of all this, this incentive structure lets us keep marketing your photo to other media to get the absolute most out of your photo, now, and down the road when it may regain interest. Being connected with industry insiders, and well, being an industry insider, lets us know who is gearing up to run various stories - so we can get your picture to the people that already have the matching story - and of course are willing to pay that extra amount. When its all said and done, you should see why partnering with SellCelebPhotos.com can maximize how much you get when its time to sell your celebrity photos.

What do similar companies usually charge?

The historical selling fee is as high as 70%, but usually is around 50%. One other competitor sells for 40%. And yes - we're the industry low at 30%.

What Publications Do You Sell To?

Our distribution network consists of literally, every celebrity-oriented magazine, tv show, and premium website - worldwide. Many industry players also demand that we call them with special photos - in addition to sending them thumbnails of every photo that comes across the wire. Publications also keep a hot list with us, on certain celebrities that may have pending stories about to be published on them, or are just in their audience's hot-list - in which case we'll be sure to alert them, as they'll also usually pay a premium.

How Will I Know My Photos Are Uploaded

You'll see a "Success" message that confirms they've been received and have started the sales process

How Will I Know When My Photos Sell & For How Much?

We'll send you an email after each sale with this info - remember, good photos often sell quite a few times - we don't think you'll mind getting an email every time they sell...

How Do You Price My Photos

SellCelebPhotos.com has our own proprietary formula built from our unique experience in the business that rates each photo on multiple factors - everything from the celebrities buzz rating, to the photo's composition, to exclusivity, to raw experience. When its all said and done, our formula lets us dial in the price to +/- 3% of what it should be. This means your photos can sell quick - and multiple times - for the amount that has overall profitability in mind.

Do I Have To Negotiate?

Absolutely not, our pro negotiators do all of this for you. They are properly incentivized at 30%, so you get a much larger percentage than usual for your photos - and its their job to make the final number even bigger! Our sales team is hungry, they know what your photos are really worth, they work hard, and they're backed by our cutting edge electronic distribution network

I'm A Pro Photographer, Why Should I Use SellCelebPhotos.com?

We cost far less than any other sales agent, while you get way bigger reach to get your photos sold multiple times - even into the future. We're also a great place to upload your past photos to be resold - something your current agency NEVER does.

Can I upload and sell celebrity videos?

Absolutely! While we are in the process of creating SellCelebVideos.com for just this reason, you can upload your videos to either site, and will of course receive our best-in-class practices. If your video is too big, or is not working for any reason, send an email to SellCelebPhotos@gmail.com along with your contact info associated with your account, and we'll get your video tracked in our system and ready for sale.

How much can I sell celebrity videos for?

For a video that has the appeal to make it to mainstream news, the payoff can be huge - and by dealing with SellCelebPhotos.com or SellCelebVideos.com, we can structure a contract so you're payed whenever the video is played which makes them have to be a bet better quality. For true news-worthy content, its not uncommon to see a video go for above $10,000. And this is when having an experienced broker on your side is most worthwhile - especially when we take a cut of 30% as opposed to the 50% most expect.

How much will I get to Sell Celebrity Photos?

There are many factors that come into play, but depending on the Celebrity's buzz, recency of the photos, photo quality, pending events of that celebrity, duplicates from other photographers, general news-worthiness of the photo, and other factors, we develop our pricing. In fact, we've created a proprietary model that integrates various factors to effectively price each photo to a +/- 3% tolerance. Publishable photos of B-list celebrites may go for between $200 and $500 per magazine, tv, or premium web outlet we sell to, so this will multiply with each purchase. Great shots of A-list celebrities may go for $2000-$5000 per media sale, and A-list cover stories can be from $15,000 to $40,000 per sale. Pricing for exclusives varies according to the photo / reason for doing an exclusive, but may be above $5000 to $100,000 plus for the type of thing that gets our country talking!

When Do I Get Payed?

One part of our 9x Guarantee is Instant Payment - as soon as we receive the funds from your sales, you'll be notified and they'll be made available via your account. You'll be payed via PayPal as the default, or we can cut you a check once your funds from sales have been aggregated if you'd like to save the ~2% on PayPal, or just prefer the check.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Check with your accountant - this isn't advice - but we follow the law and do 1099 / 1040's for all accounts that make over $500, and require your tax information before paying out above $500. Hey, its the law.

Can my photos be sold more than once?

Absolutely! There's no limit to how many media outlets pick up your photos - imagine telling your friends to pick up their favorite magazines - and seeing your name in the credits!

Do I make less money when you sell my photo multiple times

You make more money! Haha, well, the same percentage applies in either case, whether we sell your photo to just the magazine that is running a featured article on your celeb next week,