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Now, anyone can upload their celebrity photos to be sold to magazines, tv shows, and websites! Sign up for now - for free - to upload your photos on consignment, so our team of professionals can get them sold, fast, through our network of industry insiders.

Could you try to sell your photos direct? You could try... but without the relationships, its tough to get their attention, plus, you don't know the best sales strategies, how much your photos are really worth, or know their tricks. All while SellCelebPhotos could have not only sold your photos for more, but could now be on to other buyers, multiplying your sales! Plus, your photos can continue to sell - even later in the week while you're at work, or months from now when your celeb gets hot again.

Its free to sign-up, and there are no fees, we just take an industry-low 30% cut of sales - a more than fair deal to incentivize our sales agents to get the most for your photos! It really is no wonder why SellCelebPhotos is the fastest growing service that even the paparazzi are turning to us. Sign up now - for free - and upload your photos to begin!

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Once you realize really is the best option to get money for your photos, sign up for a free account. Relax - you're covered by our comprehensive 9x Guarantee - in short, we guarantee you we're all around Best In Class, that there are No Fees or Hidden Costs, that all of our Transfers & Storage is secure, that you'll get our Pro Negotiators on your side, that we will only use our Lawyer Certified, Bullet-Proof Contracts, that you'll get $300 Profit at a minimum - unless you want to take less, that every photo will get our best treatment via our No Photo Left Behind process, that you'll be Completely Satisfied, and that when its all said and done, you'll receive Instant Payment via PayPal, or a mailed check. In short, you upload your photos through our secure site on consignment, and we take a 30% cut on everything we license or sell. This is 25% less than our nearest competitor, yet still properly incentivizes our sales team to not only get the most for the photos, but to continue selling them in the future. What more could you ask for?

Upload Your Photos

Once you've signed up for a Free Account, upload your photos, either one photo at a time, or as a series if you have multiple pics from the same session. You'll enter some basic info on them like what celebrity is featured, where it was shot, and the story behind the encounter, then hit upload, and they're off to go through our market proven sales process! Upload the highest quality image you have available for the photos.


Once your photos are uploaded, they'll head off to our state of the art photo lab where our seasoned professional optimize, adjust the colors, and fine tune the images to be as close to a professional image as possible. Regardless of how much optimization is needed, the original image is always kept and included with each sale in case the buyer wants to work their own magic. If the image is already magazine-ready, we will leave it be, and send it straight off for watermarking and resizing the proofs for sale.

Market Proven Sales Process

Now's when the fun begins! Its time to put our legendary sales team, backed by a proprietary distribution network, and industry leading practices - to work for your photo. If it sounds like overkill for just your photos - no worries, there are other photos in the pipeline as well, but it does ensure your photo gets in front of exactly who needs to see it, to try to maximize both the sales price, and overall number of sales. Our process is a mix of good old fashioned person to person selling, and a secure distribution network, so your photos get in front of the people that make the decisions - and they have that sales boost of personal contact.

Each photo starts out with a committee review to establish which companies we want to boost its exposure to - it might be that we know one insider who is looking for fresh photos for an upcoming article, or simply that the content would be right up a particular magazine's alley.

We also identify photos that have the potential to be marketed as exclusives, which while commands a much higher price, does mean we won't sell it again to other outlets. With this in mind, there needs to be a huge premium that is payed for exclusivity - to more than make up for the loss in multiplier sales to other companies.


What, you aren't a professional negotiator - and happen to work in this specific field? Don't worry about it - thats just another benefit of having SellCelebPhotos on your side! It takes more than just being able to talk a big game after all. You're represented by the professionals - we're payed when you're payed, we know the sales and licensing process in and out, we have Lawyer Certified contracts on hand - so they play by our rules - and we know what the photos are actually worth. Just how do we know what a given photo is worth? has a proprietary multi-factor formula that combines everything from a celeb's hotness (using internet search data) to expert ratings of the photo's composition and buzz worthiness. We'd get into more factors here, but we aren't to quick to get into those, or their weightings. The bottom line is that this formula lets us lock down to +/- 3% of what we can get for your photos - to anchor the negotiation process.

Secure Transfer

Rest assured that no copy of a photo will ever be released without heavy, non-retractable watermarking until its sold. And even after this point, we still use secure transfer pipelines to transfer your photo to its certified buyers.

Instant Payment

Once payment is made available on our end, we instantly issue payment to you via your preferred method, whether thats PayPal or Check.

Publish Worldwide

Outside our market-proven sales process,'s advantage is truly in our network of contacts worldwide, that are in our sales pipeline. Sure you could try to sell your media to one or two of them yourself, but get the instant multiplication factor when you use Not only to be able to sell to more places now, but to be able to continue selling your photos in the future.

Why We're Best

There really is no alternative to After all, we're crowned the fastest growing service of our type for good reason! We take a 25% lower cut than our closest competitor, all the while offering best-in-class practices. Then we follow it all up with our uncompromising 9x Guarantee that locks in everything from our Best In Class practices to your complete satisfaction!

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Sign up for your account now - for free - and get instant access to start uploading your photos. But warning, you may not be able to contain the excitement of getting your photos published in today's hottest magazines, tv shows, and websites - let alone making serious cash from it! Sign up for